Life After Cassette Tape - Collectors Item

Life After Cassette Tape - Collectors Item

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 Get this limited edition Blood Red cassette tape, part of the LIFE AFTER collection



    • Blood Red Cassette
    • Hard plastic outer casing
    • Full colour foldout with unique artwork by SNRK and exclusive photography by Brendan Meadows


    Part of the 'Life After' collection, this short order run of cassettes containing the 'Life After' album are only available online while supplies last. Collector's item, only 50 made.

    CAT: M00067

    UPC: 823675199431


    1. Grave Digger
    2. Red Sky At Night
    3. No Jesus Piece
    4. If I Die Today
    5. Uncle Rico
    6. Bully Mode
    7. Something Else
    8. Change
    9. Deja Vu
    10. Wild Boy
    11. Sink or Swim
    12. Humble Me
    13. After Dark




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